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Attention Gentleman, are you tired of experiencing those captivating sunsets by yourself?

Attention Gentleman, are you tired of experiencing those captivating sunsets by yourself?
Have you been feeling incredibly worn out lately from frequently observing and experiencing those captivating sunsets by yourself?
Do you find yourself feeling weary and fatigued due to the repetitive nature of waking up each day without any company or companionship from another individual?
Do you currently have a strong and deliberate desire to actively seek out an intense, meaningful love connection that will invoke feelings of peace and quietude during your leisurely weekend mornings? Are you looking for a lasting partnership built on trustworthiness and durability with inherent constancy as its quintessence?
If you find yourself unsure about where to begin when confronting your personal struggles and uncertainties, it could prove highly advantageous to seek out the assistance of a trusted confidant who can provide direction.
Maybe you identify as an older gentleman who has not pursued romantic relationships in some time. Alternatively, perhaps familial commitments such as parenting or other responsibilities weigh heavily on your mind, leading to apprehension regarding engaging in complex and potentially fraught partnerships that may impact both one's status as a single dad and potential significant other. Indeed, navigating intimacy within this context without adequate support from knowledgeable friends or individuals experienced with handling these delicate circumstances proves particularly challenging for many individuals experiencing similar concerns!
How about we start an exhilarating and purposeful expedition to seek out your cherished life companion, someone who is not merely a significant other but also that essential missing piece of yourself known as a twin flame?
Let's start a new path of discovering authentic love - one that grows stronger over time. If you seek meaningful relationships in life, I would be honored to collaborate with you wholeheartedly by pooling our unique strengths for bringing into your world the perfect feminine companion who fits like a glove.
I am readily available and entirely equipped with my eagerness to contribute in facilitating you towards manifesting a stunningly exquisite, gratifying love into your life. Those desolate sunsets need not be part of your reality any longer as the companionship you are seeking is within close proximity. May I enquire as to what may be deterring or hindering you currently from pursuing this desire wholeheartedly?
I warmly welcome you to send me an email with any inquiries or doubts that may arise. Rest assured, I am always ready and enthusiastic!
I urge you not to hold back from sending a detailed message outlining whichever aspect(s) regarding the above to reach out via email anytime- afterall love is what brings smiles!

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Divine Fitness Tips For Older Divas!

Regular physical activity is vital for a healthy life. Nearly everyone agrees with this statement, as exercise not only aids in weight loss but also helps maintain an optimal physique, accelerates the metabolic rate, and burns those excess calories that are unwanted. Furthermore, exercise enhances cardiovascular capabilities by amping up heart and lung functions which facilitates natural bodily processes more efficiently.

In addition, exercise enhances bone strength and boosts one's self-esteem by improving physical appearance. Moreover, it increases endurance which enables individuals to match their fast-paced routines. Regrettably, the majority of the population does not opt for activities that are beneficial for their health as they struggle with deciding whether or not to hit snooze or engage in a workout upon waking up each morning.

Incorporating these helpful tips can be valuable for achieving and sustaining the optimal body weight, particularly beneficial to women who endure various bodily changes that increase their vulnerability to osteoporosis. Moreover, many females feel compelled to maintain physical attractiveness. It is advised to introduce one or two of these suggestions gradually into your regular exercise regimen.

Don't fret if your exercise routine doesn't seem sufficient. It's crucial to honor the promises we make to ourselves. While it is recommended to work out for 20-60 minutes, three to five times a week, this isn't always feasible in reality. Striving toward an unattainable goal can be discouraging and unnecessary; instead, focus on what you're capable of achieving—exercising twice per week with twenty-minute sessions will suffice.

Rather than criticizing oneself for not doing enough, it's more beneficial to concentrate on one's capabilities and begin from there. Following this approach would provide a sense of accomplishment as they remain loyal to their commitments. Gradual progress can subsequently be made towards the goal at hand.

It's important to prioritize weight lifting over cardio. However, some women tend to focus on cardio exercises before hitting the weights which can lead them to overlook a crucial aspect of their workout and end up solely doing cardiovascular training instead. As a result, despite spending extended hours at the gym, there may be no noticeable progress in terms of results for these individuals. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that they switch things around and place more emphasis on strength training first - as this will ensure visible positive outcomes are achieved with regularity!

Don't forget to keep track of your heart rate. It's suggested that you work out at 75-85% of your maximum heart rate, but a lot of individuals only reach around 50%. To make certain that you're exercising at the recommended target heart rate, utilize either a fitness machine or a device such as a heart rate monitor.

Limit your workout to an hour or less to avoid gym burnout. By concentrating on the task at hand and your fitness objectives, you'll increase the productivity of each session over time.

Incorporate a fitness social network into your regimen. A lack of community could be the missing puzzle piece in your training routine, as the power of camaraderie should not be ignored. Consider switching up at-home workouts by occasionally hitting the gym or trying new activities like yoga, pilates, or sailing classes that have always piqued your interest. Additionally, joining groups such as walking clubs and running clubs can provide added encouragement and support towards physical goals.

Motivate yourself. It's not advisable to put excessive pressure on oneself; instead, acknowledging one's accomplishments and offering words of empowerment during workouts are advised. One must always remember to provide positive feedback for themselves.

Let's discuss if you require an accountability coach. I am capable of reigniting your passion for exercising and together, we can overcome the most challenging stage, which is beginning.

Be inspired and embrace life to the fullest. Remember that self-love begins with YOU!


The spiritual Therapist.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Oh, Embrace Your Inner Lioness

By embracing your strong side during spiritual growth, you can tap into your inner power and find deeper happiness. It is important to believe in yourself, focus on love and gratitude, make meaningful connections with others, and explore your spiritual side. Through energy readings and guidance from sources like "The Spiritual Therapist known as Lionza," you can discover your true self-worth and value as a person.
Remember that you are valuable and special beyond measure. Your spiritual awakening can help transform your life and bring about positive change. Embrace your inner strength, courage, and bravery as you navigate through tough times. By recognizing your worth within yourself fully, you can continue to nurture divine abilities and overcome challenges with grace.

Ultimately, by embracing your strong side during spiritual growth, you can find peace within yourself and lead a more fulfilling life filled with love, gratitude, and connection. Trust in yourself and the journey ahead as you unlock your true potential and embrace the beauty of spirituality in every aspect of your life.

Let's Chat Now and Nourish Your Soul Book The Experience!

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Llevar un diario de salud es fundamental para prevenir una catástrofe y puede, dado el caso, salvar la vida.

Cuando una emergencia de salud se presenta, cada minuto cuenta. Esto es algo que todos sabemos. En el caso de una mujer mayor que sufre un ataque al corazón (infarto agudo de miocardio), por ejemplo, cada minuto que pasa sin tratarse disminuye un 10% las posibilidades de supervivencia de la víctima. Al mismo tiempo, para los paramédicos que acuden a una llamada de emergencia toda información relevante puede ser fundamental para atender, tratar y, eventualmente, salvar la vida de la paciente. Por eso, sobre todo en casos en que la paciente es una persona mayor que vive sola, es fundamental llevar un diario de salud.

Un diario de salud es un registro escrito, personal, en el que las personas llevan cuenta del estado de su salud: visitas a médicos y especialistas, resultados de estudios y de análisis, registro de medicamentos con sus dosis, de vacunas y hasta de síntomas que sigan sin ser tratados ni atendidos por profesionales. Todo dato de relevancia en cuanto a la salud servirá para, en caso de emergencia, poder consultarlo y asegurarse de tomar las decisiones correctas para el tratamiento de la emergencia o de la condición imperante.

Pero las ventajas de llevar un diario de salud no se reducen a los casos de emergencia. El mismo acto de llevar un diario es, en sí mismo, un hábito altamente terapéutico, sobre todo en el caso de personas mayores: el acto de sentarse a escribir durante al menos quince minutos al día reduce considerablemente el estrés. 

Además, la mayoría de las personas mayores suelen desarrollar, paulatinamente, problemas de memoria a corto plazo. Llevar un registro escrito de su salud, y también de su día a día, es un ejercicio que refuerza la memoria, al mismo tiempo que les permite, más adelante, poder consultar sus propias anotaciones en caso de necesitarlo. 

Las ventajas de llevar un diario de salud son claras y abundantes, sobre todo para personas mayores, y más aún para mujeres mayores que viven solas. En todo caso, solo hace falta un cuaderno y un bolígrafo, y el hábito de tomarse quince minutos al día para sentarse a escribir. Al final, no hay más que ponerse a ello. El diario de salud y cuidado de salud mental es la solución que puede salvar tu vida en caso de una emergencia. Mira el libro y verás una creación bonita para tu renacer social, para vivir tu vida más plena y divertidamente. No es el final si estás vida. Así es que Viva la vida y disfrutala hasta el final. Aquí encontrarás un diario que es divertido, tiene actividades para lograr una vida social feliz, dibujo y terapia de colorear,registro de salud, y preparaciones para un evento de emergencias. Dale click para ver el libro o mas aún dale click para ver el video de las páginas internas.

Si Estoy Viva...Entonces Voy A Vivir La Vida

Este es un verdadero libro que te traerá balance de mente,cuerpo y espíritu.  Te traerá calidad de vida, está diseñado especialmente para el renacimiento de la mujer.  Para ayudarte a recordar y organizar la información médica sobre tu salud pasada y presente. La información, una vez registrada, será útil al completar formularios médicos para médicos y hospitales.
Cirugías pasadas
Enfermedades mayores
Medicamentos actuales
Pruebas de laboratorio
Una vez que hayas registrado tu pasado, empieza lo divertido, una  sección donde puedes registrar información para tus próximas visitas médicas, los propósitos de las visitas y el plan de tratamiento que ha delineado con el médico. En poco tiempo, puedes compilar un diario compacto de tu historial médico para un uso conveniente en el futuro. 
Tiene un espacio para salud mental donde ofrece páginas terapéuticas para para calmar el estrés, preocupaciones y  tu mente dibujando y coloreando Para crear una vida social divertida y bonita y  tareas para vivir una vida feliz
En este libro también llevarás récords de:
Detalles de tu cuidado diario y registro de tu salud física y mental.
Registro de el 1 - 10 dolor
Registro  1 - 10 líquidos
Desayuno - Almuerzo-Cena-Merienda y a planear las próxima 8 semana tus comidas para ahorrar 
Tu médico tiene espacio para  escribir consejos y recomendaciones  importantes para usted, sus  asistentes y familiares.
Medicamentos y dosis 
Ejercicios de salud mental y sociales y su compromiso semanal de hacer algo nuevo cada semana
Consejos y guia de como motivarme de nuevo y empezar a vivir mejor 
Como lograr hacer nuevas amistades y vivir una vida feliz
Futuras Citas  Médicas
Diarios  registros - Nivel de azúcar
Registro diario de tu Presión Sanguínea
Hygiene - Cambios de desechables al dia
Ejercicios mentales y físicos
Planeamiento de menú mensual para ahorrar planeando
Récords de contraseñas o passwords por si tiene que ir al hospital en corto aviso
Dia de la próxima cita médica
Belleza y Fortaleza
Nutricion Diaria
Crear mas Energia
Estás en tu peso ideal antes y al terminar este librito
Salud Mental Y Espiritual 
Le enseñamos como quererse a usted misma más y regalarte amor a ti misma  
Vida social y cómo lograr nuevas amistades
Paginas bellisimas para colorear,pintar y calmar  tu estrés y ansiedad y ocupar tu mente en cosas bonitas y no en el pasado triste o pensamientos atormentantes
Cuando te sientas sola entra en facebook en nuestra página para que te conectes con todas las Damas preciosas como tu y cultiven nuevas amistades en nuestra comunidad que te espera con amor.

Attention Gentleman, are you tired of experiencing those captivating sunsets by yourself?

Attention Gentleman, are you tired of experiencing those captivating sunsets by yourself? Have you been feeling incredibly worn out lately f...